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Circle Lenses are now on the Market in the UK High Street it seems, but are they worth your pennies? Or are you paying for what you get? For £13 a pair it seems too good to be true…

Now, It may just be my luck that I find one of the hair and beauty shops I regularly visit in Sheffield (United Kingdom) suddenly starts to supply lenses that look a little more toned than their usual two tone and three tone lenses, but after buying on a whim I was pleasantly suprised to find these circle lenses to my disposal…

((Follow me down under the cut for the review!))

In the past I’ve spent larger amounts of money buying circle lenses from places such as honeycolor and forking out the extra £5 or £10 on shipping alone for a pair that’s sold at £20 - £30, and for a cosplayer on a budget i’ve felt the sting a couple of times! Whilst I understand the desire and finesse of picking a branded pair of circle lenses that do the job just right, i’m unfortunately a cosplayer that’s far more used to buying lenses around the £10 mark. Even so, I’ve always tried to aim for two or three tone lenses you can purchase from reliable stores online and avoid hit and miss places like the markets and the high street.

So this purchase was pretty much me testing the water to see how things were…


The pair were purchased from a shop called “Julia Hair and Beauty" (or as their alternative shop in Sheffield is called; Julia Knows) A small hair extention, wig and beauty store on Pinstone Street. I usually visit the store for their wide selection of lace front wigs and good quality heat resistant natural hair colour wigs as well as accessories (wig caps, am I right?), but as the store is relatively new I was surprised to see that this extension stocked a wide variety of contact lenses.



The pair that I purchased were under “Hot; Amber” in the two tone selection. Initially I just asked to have a look at them, but after seeing them in the boxes it was clear they were larger than usual. So, deciding to give them I chance I purchased them and gave them a trial run for Goddess Madoka.

Unfortunately, because I threw out the boxes for the item I don’t have the details of their size and water content. But they were on a 9 month replacement period.


These were by far some of the easiest lenses I’ve put in. Usually I struggle an awful lot with lenses, and considering I was in a rush at the time of the convention they slid on pretty easily. I was wearing them over two days of the convention; 6 hours the first day (6 - 12) and 7 hours the next day (11 - 6) 2 hours of which were in the dark of the Kitacon closing ceremony, which was delayed. The lenses were really comfortable, and I hardly noticed they were there save for the odd strand of wig hair stabbing me in the eye. I didn’t need eyedrops over the day, which usually I might do in hot surroundings when my eyes get dry or tired. I only really felt a little irritation when I was in the dark of the closing ceremony, when my eyes were exposed to long periods of darkness and staring long distance with occasional bright flashes of light, which isn’t really recommended for coloured contact wearers. 


Considering the cartoonish design of the contacts up against a white background I wasn’t expecting much colour change for an Amber lens when my own eyes are a dark brown/hazel. That said however, my eyes did appear different, even if it wasn’t to the extreme colour change of the design. 

As you can see in the pictures below, my eyes appear quite dark under camera anyway, and the difference in the close up from the article photo does show amber highlights so I was at least happy to get a bit of a colour change. And the dark ring around the iris gave a really youthful look that I wanted for Madoka. 



Enlargement: ★★★★

I have quite large eyes anyway, even without circle lenses, but sometimes the illusion of largeness that circle lenses provide add to the overall look of the make up. As for enlargement in these lenses, my eyes did appear larger, similarly to the other circle lenses I have purchased from honeycolor in the past. 

Service: ★★★★★

The store always has been very welcoming. Especially as an awful lot of other hair and beauty stores that provide wigs and hair extensions have always seemed quite intimidating no matter what city I’m in. The language barrier is a small problem, though the manager has always been courteous and patient to talk to. 

They were very helpful when letting me choose my pair, giving me the time to decide and go through looking at different at the different pairs, even if I had to take them out of the boxes to see.

Overall: ★★★★★

I haven’t been able to find much problems with the lenses to be fair. I was offered a bottle of lens solution and a case for a small extra charge, but as I already had a large bottle and a spare case I didn’t take them.

Unfortunately outside of the store I haven’t been able to find the product online. They’re relatively new, the new store has only been there 6 or 7 months, but the website on the leaflet doesn’t work and they’re not anywhere to be found on the internet, so I can’t provide a link to purchase them online. But if you come across them in your neighbourhood or something similar let me know!!


**Article Photo taken by A Shot in the Dark Photography. Photos of Julia’s taken with permission of the manager. I am unfortunately not an expert on contact lenses or eye health, so please consult an Optometrist or GP before using coloured contacts.

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