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Hello and Welcome to Trichro's Workspace! It's just a silly little place this blogger has created in order to show and explore her creativity in the world as she grows further and further into a young adult...
even if she doesn't know how to adult yet.

( ゚乛゚)

{ Eleanor Lamb from Bioshock 2 }

Returned from Manchester expo.

Things have still been very hectic with the move, but that hasn’t stopped us from going places. I’ve longed to do a bioshock costume for a long time now, and whilst my work wasn’t its best at Manchester, I definitely enjoyed getting the chance to run around as a Little sister. 

In the works after this week I have a con video and a review of Manchester MCM planned for you guys to enjoy, so hopefully in between moving places I’ll find the time to show you guys that - And do a little highlight on the making process of parts of Little sister and the Elizabeth costumes from the con! 

See you soon!

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Fan art for this super cool Spamano game someone made. I really wish I could get in contact with the game maker, it was super cool! You can get to it from this link:


Sometimes I occasionally help Samstar1990 make fangames for Hetalia, and when I do strange concoctions like the one in the youtube link happen because I wasn’t feeling too well. 

Anyway, I signed in to deviantart today to find this lovely artist had left me a note saying she’d done some fanart of the game and Wow. Wow wow wow. I don’t often get people interested in the stuff we’ve done outside of spirit focus and this is really amazing (especially the fact you got Antonio’s coat details right) hopefully we’ll start work on more games over the summer!

Thank you so much.

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Ok, here is a REAL cosplay tutorial video for you guys, lol. It is about how to use and apply fusible interfacing

You will want to apply interfacing to places like collars, waistbands, and the inside of a jacket. It adds stability and prevents stretch. The example I show here is a little unique, but hopefully it gives you an idea of the power of interfacing!

Please let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them! 

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{ Cinderella }

Worn at; Hamcon 2014

Photographed by; A Shot In The Dark

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{ Italy and Holy Roman Empire from Hetalia }

Worn at; Hamcon 2014

Photographed by; A Shot In The Dark

Italy is our very own Sammy and HRE is Gemma

At almost 20,000 views for If I Die Young, I think that it’s only fitting we showed you the difference since that day 2 years ago. 

My perfect friends were perfect and you all need to look at their costumes. Reminds me of early filming days and how much stuff I just really need to do. 

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{ Cinderella }

Worn at; Hamcon 2014

Photographed by; A Shot In The Dark

{ Dior can you not? }

As much as the prospect of autoplay videos on Facebook is a thing that is starting to really irritate me (I’ve heard about data usage going up because of this, thankful that all of my devices are solely wifi based now) it does occasionally throw a video into sight that I wouldn’t usually see on my Youtube feed. 

This video is just something that makes me whine loudly, Dior’s couture masterpiece of a dress is not just an item of fashion but a work of art. And now I desperately want those little fabric stamps so I can spend the next 6 years of my life on a flower dress! 

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asking here as i had no help on FB, bar from one person, can anyone reccommend a good sewing machine for me to buy???

I’m looking for something that is preferably brothers, as i’ve used those before and so knwo the basic jist of them, but I will take on any type. Price isn’t really an issue but anything bellow £350 would be best.

thank you

Usually I wouldn’t reccommend gettting them delivered, just because there’s a large cost in postage along with these things. It also makes the item harder to return if you found a problem with it. 

The best place in the Sheffield/Rotherham area that supplies them is John Lewis, which despite being a pricey department store has reasonable prices on their sewing machines. I’ve looked at Brother and Singer, as Singer is quite similar except for machine parts that you may want to buy later for different ways of sewing on items. All in all most sewing machines do the basics the same. They all thread the same, the bobbin goes in the same way, and the functions are all over the place on the machine from each different model under the same brand. 

That said I’ve found some in order of price for you.

  1. Brother JK1700 Sewing Machine - £110 - Quite simple, not much here that you wouldn’t find on a £35 own brand John Lewis machine except for the fact it’s heavier, so will be able to go through fabrics better. There is another version of this for £150 which has more stitch styles, but they’re more embroidery based, here
  2. Brother DS140 Sewing Machine - £250 - This one has an awful lot more settings to it, including button holes (which whilst I haven’t figured out how to do it, will be hella useful). It’s an awful lot similar to the one me and Sammy have, including the electronic screen which picks your stitch style and stitch length/tension, etc etc. It’s price isn’t bad either as it’s actually quite a good quality one by the looks of things.
  3. Brother JK4000 Sewing Machine - £329 - £80 more expensive than the previous however this sewing machine has an awful LOT more technical stitches than embroidery ones like the machine previous. Whilst I’m not certain what they’re for they seem to be different styles of stitching for different styles of material, and with the nature of your course next year it MIGHT be useful. However in all of the costumes I’ve made i’ve never had to step above the 40 stitch types in the previous model so i’m not quite sure. 

Either way here’s some for you that are all below budget at least, it’s just up to you which you like. 

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Margaery Tyrell//Photos

Unfortunately we were a little rushed for time at HAM Con so I only managed to get a couple of photos taken by the lovely Kimberly @ A Shot in the Dark Photography. Hoping to get more photos at LFCC this weekend however.

Until then we have this.

Most perfect Marg ever. It was lovely running a panel with her on Sunday and I’d love to do it again! Really looking forward to a time I’m not stressed out of my mind to spend time with you again! That second prize was really well deserved all things considering!

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{ Cinderella }

Worn at; Hamcon 2014

Photographed by; A Shot In The Dark

I’m honestly surprised how this turned out considering anyone who follows me on instagram will know I was sewing the majority of it at midnight before the con. But hey, I hit third prize in a cosplay competition again! (Though my friends were far more worthy of the title and it was a much much smaller con than the last but still a load of fun!)

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